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Work-at-Home Mom? Don’t Forget to Make Time for Loved Ones

If you are already a work-at-home mom then you know firsthand that one of the biggest challenges is budgeting your time. If you are just getting started, this is something you will learn quite quickly. Every day you need to plan your schedule according to everyone else in the house. You know what time every dance class, soccer practice, and special event is because you have to create your work schedule around driving to and from places and attending functions. You may have this down to a science, but are you actually scheduling in time just to spend with your significant other or children that does not involve hurrying to be somewhere? When was the last time you had date night or took the kids to the park to play, without your smartphone or tablet glued to your hand?


 when running a home business, budget your time to make room for loved ones


Make Plans

One of the easiest ways to make sure you are spending time with everyone is to make plans. Go ahead and buy those courtside Mavericks tickets and plan on going. If you wait to see how busy you are, you probably will not go. Make plans to have a craft day with the kids or take them ice-skating at Rockefeller Center. Regardless where you live, you should have no problem finding things to do that everyone can look forward to. You do not always have to spend a lot of money either. Even a Saturday morning hike or setting up the tent in the backyard for an at-home camping trip will allow you to spend quality time together.

Find a Good Babysitter

If you have a babysitter you can trust then you will never have to use the “no babysitter” excuse, when it comes to date night. You and your significant other need time away from the kids and your laptops to reconnect. Date night does not have to mean diner and a show either. There is nothing wrong with a morning kayak on the lake or a half-day out on the slopes at a nearby ski resort. If you do not both commit to making time for one another, drifting apart is inevitable. Take the time to interview babysitters until you find one you are comfortable with, and you will have no more excuses.

Pencil Them In

If you are like most work-at-home moms you have a schedule posted where everyone can see it. It probably includes every appointment, class, event, etc., for everyone in the house. It may even include your work hours  that you are committed to for the week. Go ahead and write in any plans you have made with your significant other, the kids, or both. This will allow everyone to see it and have something to look forward to. Use pen, so you can’t erase and change the plans!

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