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What is Triberr and How Can it Help Your Business?

If you have recently read about Triberr, or perhaps heard a few business people talking about it at the café you are probably full of a lot of questions. The name alone does not really give you a hint, now does it? Simply put, it is an effective social network for bloggers. A wide variety of bloggers use Triberr to find other bloggers producing similar content as them. By doing this they are able to join forces and form a tribe.




How it Works

By creating a community of support and sharing, bloggers are able to drive more traffic to their blog and business. In some cases, you will find that there is already an established tribe in your niche that you can follow. You cannot join an established tribe right away. You follow as an observer, so you can share blog posts written by the group, but they are unable to see your posts. Consider this an introduction period.

After you have commented, shared, and engaged with tribe members, the Chief can decide to welcome you in as a tribe member. At this point, your posts begin showing up in the stream of other members for them to comment or share. So, everything you add to your blog has the potential to be shared by like-minded blog owners, which gives your blog more exposure and traffic.

You also have the option of monetizing through the Influencer Marketing Platform. This allows you to essentially act as a spokesperson for a brand and get paid for it.

There are more than 50,000 tribes on the platform, and member blogs receive more than two million visits per month as a result of this platform. Triberr empowers you to get the most of yur blog and connect with an audience that may not have found you otherwise. Plus, most blogs that belong to tribe members are quality, so the reputation of your business is not compromised because of the affiliation.

Additional Points

  • A mobile optimized web version is available to expand your audience to smartphone and tablet users. This also helps you stay connected to Triberr on the go.

  • Your personal account supports three RSS feeds, and three Twitter IDs, but there is only one RSS feed and Twitter ID per tribe.

  • There is a list of overly promotional words you should avoid, such as “free, bundle, coupon, discount, contest, prize.”

  • Be sure to check out “Bonfire.” This Triberr community is where you go for technical support, answers to questions, and to find new tribe mates.

  • The platform’s WordPress plugin is called Triberr.

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