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Vemma’s Chris Powell Bode App

Vemma Bode App



I just downloaded this app on my phone and I am loving it!  I get texts throughout the day reminding me to eat a healthy breakfast (I always have a Vemma Protein Shake), eat two healthy snacks, lunch, and dinner.  Recipes are included with each text reminder and if you don’t have the ingredients on hand you can switch to other choices.  There are even suggestions on what healthy dishes to order at restaurants.  As a busy mom of three kids I’m finding these reminders very helpful!

You don’t have to use Vemma products to download this free app.  Anyone that is looking for a little extra help in working toward a healthier lifestyle can take full advantage of this app.  Who wouldn’t feel a little extra special getting texts from Chris Powell on your phone throughout the day! ; ) If you would like to check out all the products that Vemma has to offer you can click here.



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