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Using Pictures or Images to Get More Shares

If you are using social media platforms to promote your business, but you aren’t using images, you are really missing out! Viewers may read your post, if the first few words capture their attention, but it is very rare that they will press the share button unless they know someone is interested in what you posted. In this case, they would probably just tag them or post to that person’s page. This is doing you no favors.

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When you use a picture you grab their attention. If that picture happens to be shocking, adorable, funny, etc., there is a good chance it will get shared. This is especially true if there are words or a quote of some sort added to it. People like to share posts that made them respond emotionally in some way.

Now, when they share the picture your business name is attached to it. This gets your name out there. Plus, it is very likely that many of their friends will turn around and share, too, and the cycle continues to repeat. This way you will also increase your followers because many people will click on the original sender to see if it is a person or business they should be interested in.

Keep it Simple

People love visual content, especially if it is simple. For example, pretend for a moment that your business is making gourmet cupcakes that you ship anywhere in the country. It’s Friday morning, and you want to generate orders for the weekend. So, you snap a picture of your wide-eyed dog staring at the batter in the mixing bowl, and add a “Happy Friday” on the picture. When you upload it to Facebook, type your special flavor of the week, or your discounted shipping rate with a code. You don’t want to add this information directly to the photo because then it becomes a sales picture. As it is, it is a fun, Friday morning picture that could circulate the internet over-and-over again, but the text below will be about your business. Not everyone will read it, but many will. You will earn yourself new followers and potential orders.

Stimulate Response

Another way to use that adorable picture is to create a caption contest. The person with the caption that has the most likes at the end of the day will get a free six-pack of cupcakes. Every time someone comments, it will show up on their feed, so their friends will click on it to check it out, too. You can also do a trivia question; fill in the blank contest, etc. Stimulating engagement gets people talking about you. Just make sure you take the time to interact periodically, too.

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