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Stymied by Facebook’s Organic Reach Decline? Here Are Some Solutions

If you rely on Facebook for marketing then you have likely already noticed a sharp decline in engagement. This trend is expected to continue. Facebook blames it on lack of space in the news feed. It may get to a point shortly where there is not any space for organic posts at all. This is bad news for businesses that have worked hard to develop their fan base through the years. This does not mean you should forget about Facebook completely though. Your fans matter and it is important that you continue to engage with them.


decline of organic reach and the rise of Facebook advertising


Have you ever wondered how Facebook determines what posts show up in news feeds? No one knows for sure, but there are some obvious elements that are significant factors in the equation.

  • Posts that receive the most interaction.

  • How users interact with ads in their feed.

  • Posts that are hidden or marked as spam by users.

  • The device being used and the internet connection speed.

Overcome Facebook’s Decline

  • Optimize Post Performance on Facebook – The key to having a post show up is high interaction. Posting more frequently is definitely not a solution. You want to post when your target audience is on the computer, and you need to make sure your posts encourage interaction. Ask questions that spark a friendly debate. You will likely need to test various types of content to see what gets the most attention. Try photos, updates, links, and videos, and monitor their impact. It is helpful to use Google Analytics to track click-through traffic earned through social campaigns.

  • Increase Content Sharing – To get more likes you need fans sharing your posts. Photo contests are a great way to increase shares and votes. Create promotions that people will want to pass along to family and friends.

  • Multi-network Campaign – You have probably heard the expression about putting all your eggs in one basket. Well, if Facebook is the only platform you are using this is exactly what you are doing. Start using other platforms, as well. If you prefer to stick exclusively with Facebook, try creating hashtag campaigns and promote these hashtags on all channels, including television, radio, direct mail, email, etc. You can even embed them in your website.

  • Get Personal with Your Audience – How well do you know your audience? Have you taken the time to really find out what makes them tick? Gain insight into your target audience’s interests. Then, use this acquired data to improve your marketing campaign. Capture content data, collect user-generated content, and track on-site activity and social click-throughs for all social channels.


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