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See Success With Your Home Business with These Hot Marketing Ideas

Contrary to what you may assume, marketing does not always require a large investment. Below are a few ideas that will help boost your home business.


business card

Create Business Cards – You do not have to buy business cards. They are easier to make than you might think. All you need to buy is cardstock from your local supply store and you can create the image you want to represent your business. Then, you simply print them at home.

Get Personal – The average person receives a multitude of business cards. The vast majority get simply tossed. To ensure potential customers or clients hold onto your card, write a note on the back. This could be a shipping discount code or a free consultation. This turns into a card that they will keep and use.

First-time Offers – You need to do something to attract those first-time buyers visiting your site. They can easily click to a different site, give them a reason to do business with you. First-time buyer discounts will create excitement to order and give you the opportunity to “wow” them with your product or service. Plus, you will have their name and email so you can add them to your list for future marketing email sent out.

Appreciate Return Business – New customers are great, but returning customers need to be appreciated too. They are already showing their loyalty to you. Offer a discount, free sample, or something similar to those who return. You can even start a program that allows them to earn royalty rewards so the more they shop, the more they accumulate to spend with you later.

Sponsor – The more your business name is out there, the better chance you have at inviting new customers to your site. Sponsor your daughter’s softball team or provide a gift or raffle item at a charity event. You can even donate a gift certificate to your site so the receiver has to check out what you have to offer. You could also designate a day where a percentage of your profits go to a local cause or nonprofit.

Weekly Drawing – Everyone loves to win free stuff. Allow customers to enter a virtual drawing. You do not always have to give away your products or service though. You could buy a bulk order of promotional items with your business name on them. For example, if you make gourmet dog treats, then having your logo added to dog bandanas would be a great idea. You can even use your Facebook page for the weekly contest.

Birthday Wishes – When customers place their order or sign up with you, be sure to ask for their birthday. You can send them a little coupon or free sample for their birthday!

Work with Other Moms – Working with other moms who also have their own business is a great way to increase your exposure. If you bake cupcakes and you know someone who has a business making personalized aprons you can advertise one another’s business on each site. You could even rent a booth at a farmers market, art fair, etc., together. Your customers may be interested in what they have to offer and their customers may need your services one day.


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