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Local SEO Tips That Win with Google

Search engine optimization seems to be the topic of conversation these days for businesses of all sizes. However, it is important that you are directing your attention to a local campaign unless you are shipping products across the country. Many people read all the helpful advice they can find on SEO and apply these tips to their site only to fail miserably because the advice was not intended to use for getting noticed locally. Local SEO strategy will deliver more local prospects. To ensure you are found in local search engines you will need to optimize parts of your site accordingly.


local SEO tips that win with Google


Local Profile Pages

  • Create a Google+ local page for your business, and make sure you verify it. If you have multiple locations, create a separate page for each one.

  • Make it easy for customers or clients to leave reviews and encourage them to do so. You especially want reviews on Google+ so you can earn yellow stars next to your listing that make you look more established and credible. You should also encourage reviews on Yelp. You can add a Yelp badge to your site. Take the time to check these reviews and respond.

  • Optimize your broad and specific business categories.


On-Page Signals

  • Create your name, address, and phone number, also called NAD to make it easy for people to use search engines to find you. Make sure you include HTML that can easily be crawled by search engines. The best place for NAD is your site’s header or footer.

  • Use NAD to create location pages. Again, if you have more than one location you will have more than one location page. These pages should also include directions, parking information, hours, promotions, testimonials, etc.

  • Start a blog and fill it with relevant local content. Promote local news industry gatherings, and any other related content that people might be searching for.


Inbound Links and Citations


  • Make sure your business address is consistent around the Web. You do not want to spell out the word “street” sometimes and put “ST” other times. Build directory citations using My Business Listing Manager, Express Update, or Factual.

  • Earn credible links from local sources. An easy way to do this is by forging content relationships with organizations in the community, working with career centers or local schools, or helping with local events. A little charity work can go a long way in earning you links to your site when people post your URL while publicly thanking you.

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