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Keep up with Your Home Business as a Busy Mom with These Tips

Being a mom often pulls you in multiple directions all day long. When you add on the responsibility of running a business, you may often feel as though you need a dozen clones just to keep up. No one will say that it is going to be smooth sailing all of the time, and there may be occasions when you feel overwhelmed, especially when you are just starting out. However, there are a few tips that will help you manage your family and business simultaneously.


Busy Mom Tips

Create Boundaries

You need to create boundaries for yourself in the house and make sure everyone understands them. If you need to be left alone at specific times or when you are in your work space then your husband must know that he cannot come ask when you are making dinner and your teenage daughter cannot come beg you to help her find her favorite jeans. Everyone needs to know what your boundaries are. If you do not communicate with them, they cannot be expected to read your mind. Obviously, if you are home all day with a baby, boundaries do not apply. You will need to work when you can.

Organize Your Office

It does not matter if you have a real home office or if you have merely set up a folding screen in the corner to create a personal workspace, it needs to be organized in a way that allows you to be most productive with your time. This also means that if you have an old computer that pretty much crashes or freezes it is time to buy a new one. Keep your receipt though because it is 100 percent tax deductible, as is your new chair, printer, and other supplies you need. Create a space that works for you; not one that will slow you down or cause you to waste a lot of valuable time.

Get a Smartphone

If you are one of the few people who do not have a smartphone, it is time you get one. Sure, maybe you repel technology, but you will have an easier time managing everything in your life and making the most of your time if you have one. Whether you are waiting at the bus stop or the doctor’s office, you should be able to access your email at the very least. You will also find that there are a multitude of apps available to help you run your business, even when you are away from your laptop.

Focus on Priorities

As a business owner and parent there will be countless times when you have to make decisions. Do you take that important meeting you have been trying to schedule or attend your child’s soccer game? Do you take the time to go to a seminar that could really help you excel, or stay home and finally get caught up on laundry? Obviously choosing between your child and business is a no-brainer. Do not assume you are missing out on a golden opportunity though. That person you have turned down the meeting with may have children of their own, so they might go out of their way to reschedule because they respect your priorities.

Take Time for You

Trying to be a great parent and successful business owner will often leave not much time for anything else. It is important that you make time for yourself every week. Even taking a couple hours off to attend a yoga class or volunteer at the shelter one morning a week will help you recharge your battery. This will keep you focused and more productive.



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