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Juggling the Holidays as a Work at Home Mom

Just when you think you have finally gotten into the swing of things, and no longer feel as though you are going to rip your hair out trying to juggle your business and family, the holidays come along. How in the world are you supposed to now pencil in baking goodies for your child to take to school, a dinner party with your husband’s boss, and festive gatherings with friends and family? Are you actually supposed to make time for holiday shopping too?




Balancing your life can already be a challenge, but the holidays tend to throw a few curve balls you can’t possibly prepare for. Before you turn into Scrooge and count the days for them to be over, remember that this is the time of year to make magical memories with your children. Going into the holiday season with a positive attitude and actually looking forward to the festivities to come will help you look at everything you have to do a little differently.

Create Lists

It is now more important than ever to make the most of every single minute. The last thing you want to be forced to do is spend time in a crowded mall two days before Christmas because you forgot someone you were supposed to buy for. In addition to creating to-do and shopping lists, make sure everything is written on your schedule. Remembering you were supposed to make five-dozen cookies for the school bake sale at midnight the night before can easily be avoided, if these responsibilities are clearly marked on your schedule.


Your children have to come first during this season, and this does not mean doing the bare minimum. Pencil in an evening to go ice-skating or for a sleigh ride or a morning to go shopping together. Go through your work responsibilities and see what can be pushed back a few weeks. Maybe there is work in your schedule that can be done in January when things are a little less hectic. It is also important that you schedule in time for your significant other. There are always holiday-inspired performances at the theater or ballet that make a great date night. A few hours away will do you both some good.

Work in Spurts

You may not be able to sit down and work for several hours at a time like you usually do, but that does not mean you cannot work at all. Do not look at that spare 30 minutes and think you might as well not even get started because you will have to just stop right away. If your work station is kept set up and ready you should be able to sit and power work. You may be surprised at how much you can get done in 30 minutes, if you avoid the urge to get on Facebook or check out your favorite blog.

Shop Online

Shopping can consume a lot of time during the holidays. Not to mention, it can make you a little crazy! You will still likely need to go to the store for some things, but most gifts you should be able to order online. This will save you a ton of time!

Be Prepared for Anything

If the dog is going to get sprayed by a skunk one time all year, it will be the day you have to go grocery shopping, sew your daughter’s dance recital costume for later that evening, cook dinner, and squeeze in time for work. This is just the way life is. Rather than get stressed over something you can’t control, just laugh it off and think about how boring life would be without these events that keep you on your toes. Expect the unexpected, and remember that January is right around the corner. You can pencil a long soak in the tub into your schedule then.

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