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How to Get Higher Engagement Rates on Facebook

Facebook tends to be the most preferred social network by businesses of all sizes. It is especially convenient for work at home moms because you can easily reply to fans or leave a post while you are parked outside waiting for the school bell to ring or stuck in a rocking chair with your baby in your arms, who will likely wake up if you move. Simply put, Facebook can be updated and utilized in the most inconvenient circumstances, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to make a huge impact. Below are tips to increase fan engagement, so you get the most out of your time spent on the platform.


how to get higher engagement rates on Facebook


  • Short and Sweet – Like you, most people are reading posts on their phone. Either that or they are in a hurry and just trying to catch up with their Facebook world quickly. A larger post will receive less engagement, so keep it short and sweet. Research suggests anything under 400 characters is more engaging. If someone has to click on “continue” to finish reading the post, there is less chance that it will fully seen.


  • Peak Times – It may be convenient for you to post at 6 am, but by the time your fans get on the computer, your post will be long buried on their feed. Links between 1pm and 4pm receive the highest click-through rates, so this is the time to create posts for directing traffic to your site or blog. This is also the peak time for sharing, and anything before 8 am and after 8 pm is less likely to get shared, especially on the weekends. Also, engagement rates are said to be 18 percent higher on both Thursday and Friday.


  • Know When Posts Are Live – Average lifespan for a post is about three hours. After this it gets buried and will rarely be seen unless people actually go directly to your page. It is recommended to not add a new post while another one is live.


  • Ask Questions – When you ask questions you park dialogue. People are more likely to comment rather than just click “like.” Plus, when they comment, their friends will see their activity, which could also lure them to your page.


  • Fill in the Blanks – If you are not using fill-in-the-blank posts you are really missing out. They typically generate 9 times more comments than any other strategy.


  • Keywords – Specific words elicit more engagements. Action words, such as “comment,” “post,”  “tell us,” and “like” tend to be most effective.

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