I don’t make any money from advertisement on my blog like many bloggers do.  I may review a product from time to time however I do not receive any compensation from this.  My home business is network marketing.  If you are not familiar with Network Marketing here is post I created for a quick overview.  I know some have tried network marketing as a home business idea and its possible some didn’t see much success from it, however I know having success in Network Marketing is possible and not as hard as many might think.





These are the main reasons I decided to go with Network Marketing as my form of a Home Business:

  1. It makes money for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  
    • The beauty of network marketing is that if I wanted to take a week off, it would still be making me money.  Blogs and eCommerce forms of home businesses do not have the same flexibility.   A eCommerce website will require customer service for potential and existing customers.  A blog, your advertisers will want you to constantly write posts to bring your readers back each time.  With network marketing, my network of partners is wide enough that I could take a week off and wouldn’t notice much of a difference in my income level.
  2. I am creating a passive income
    • Unlike a blog or eCommerce websites, the network I am creating will continue to create wealth for me even when I turn off my marketing and start my retirement.  Once you close your blog or eCommerce website, your income also closes down.  This is not the case with network marketing, which I love about it. 
  3. Low Start Up Costs
    • Another beautiful thing about network marketing is that it is relatively inexpensive to get started.  One of the network marketing companies I am a distributor for is only $10 to start and $10 a month thereafter.  This $10 gives me product, website, and a back office for tools.  Another company I am a distributor for is only $39.99 to start and $39.99 thereafter.  There are not many home based businesses you can start that costs just $10.  My husband has started several businesses and his start up costs are up in the thousands of dollars per business.  So Network Marketing is truly a low cost business opportunity.
  4. VERY flexible hours
    • This is very important for me as my motherly duties take so much of my time during the day that a eCommerce website wouldn’t be practical for me as I wouldn’t be available for customer service questions and support (see reason #1 above).  Network Marketing allows me to work when I can, which is necessary for my current situation.
  5. Great Products
    • Besides making a great income, the network marketing company I am a distributor for also has some great products.  Everything from weight loss products to natural supplements for healthy living.  These are products I would buy normally, so my monthly costs to stay as an active distributor would be spent anyways.  I might as well earn some income for using the products.


I picked Vemma to be an affiliate/distributor with.  The reason I went with Vemma  is that it is a company that is well established, it has high quality products and branded well, and it has great marketing resources (Chris Powell, mobile applications, and systems to share the opportunity).



  • Min Start Up Costs: Around $60
  • Min Monthly Costs: Around $60
  • Main Products: Energy Drink, Multi Vitamin Drink (amazing), children nutritional drink (also amazing), weight loss products (sponsored by Chris Powell), and many more
  • Uniqueness: Amazing products for the whole family to enjoy.  These are products you would most likely be using anyway (energy drinks, vitamins, protein shakes, etc)



The beauty of Network Marketing is that you get to meet and work with a great group of people.  By joining my team you get the support of not only me but many others within our organization.  When we work together we all see success.

Some of The Benefits of Working with Me:

  1. I hold contests/giveaways for those within my organization.  This helps our group stay active and allows for some extra gifts your way for your efforts.
  2. Member of the Home Biz Mama: Special image to display on your blog/website (more details here)
  3. Updates with tips and news regarding the company and how to build your business
  4. My organization has fast growth which is good because you can benefit from this (It is called spillover, and here is a quick article about that)