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How a Home Business Made One a Better Parent

Many moms have the desire to start their own business, but they are nervous that it will take time away from their children. They may even feel as though their children will resent them for any time they spend building their enterprise. If this sounds like you, you are certainly not alone. However, you should be thrilled to learn that running a home business can actually make you a better parent.


running a home business can actually make you a better parent



Women who run their own home business have a sense of accomplishment. They are typically happier to get out of bed, and they look forward to what the day will bring. This happiness reflects in their parenting. If you feel frustrated all of the time, or feel as though you are missing out on anything, you are more likely to be less patient with your children.

Quality Over Quantity

Work at home moms are forced to find a balance and create a schedule that keeps everyone happy. Their time is limited and valuable, so they tend to appreciate their quality time with their children. A stay at home mom without a business may hear her child talking all day, but might never really take the time to truly listen. However, a mom on a schedule tends to give her children her undivided attention, when it is time to focus solely on them.


As a work at home mom you will live by a schedule. Obviously there needs to be flexibility, especially if you have a baby or toddler. Sticking to a schedule creates structure in the household. It will also help keep young ones on a regular nap schedule. You do not have time to clean up after everyone all day, so your children will know that they need to put their coat and shoes away when they get home, and that after dinner they are to work on homework for an hour while you wrap up loose ends with your business. It is good for a child to have a little structure in his life.

Role Model

When your child sees how hard you work and how successful you have become, it enforces the value of responsibility. They will know that they truly can accomplish their goals because you did.

Think Before You Speak

As a stay at home parent, it is easy to fall into the habit of just blurting out the first thing that comes to mind. If the only people you talk to in an average day are toddlers, teenagers, and other moms, you may find that you say things that do not necessarily need to be said. It is not even that you are trying to be hurtful; it’s that you have not really been held accountable for your words in so long that you don’t give them a second thought. As a work at home mom, you learn to pick your words more carefully when talking to customers, vendors, etc. This flows through to your parenting skills.


One of the more obvious reasons you may feel like a better parent is because you have more money. Kids do not necessarily care how much you make, but they certainly do appreciate those surprise gifts or special outings you might not be able to otherwise afford, if you didn’t have a home business.

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