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Getting Started With eCommerce


Many stay at home moms want to get started with a website that sells items and venture into the eCommerce business.  This is what my husband did with many of his companies and he like many of you started off from scratch.  Here are five tips he gave me regarding starting an eCommerce Home Business:

  1. Create A Niche
    • Don’t try to be an Amazon or another website that sells everything from paper clips to car covers.  Find a niche that you are passionate about and try to make your site the Authority regarding this niche of products. Many times people dream big and add so many products and categories to their eCommerce store that they lose focus.  There are benefits of having 1000s of products on your site, but I believe the benefits of being specific are greater.  It is easier for SEO, people will go to you time and time again if you are truly an authority site (advice and products), and a niche specific website keeps you focused.
  2. Try Amazon First
    • Seller Central allows you to sell products on Amazon.com.  They do charge you 15% per transaction, however you get the beautiful and powerful traffic of Amazon.com.  If you want to try selling online, but don’t have a lot of start up funds then I recommend giving sellercentral.amazon.com a try.  If you already have an eCommerce store than I recommend setting up an account with Amazon and also sell your products with them.  The 15% transaction fee is a little steep, however if you consider they cover any credit card transaction fees and you get free traffic.  Its worth a shot.
  3. Don’t Mess Up on SEO
    • SEO is crucial to get traffic to your website.  Some people will say its “free traffic” however everything has a cost in my book (time or money).  Many people will be tempted by the “SEO Specialists” that send you emails about getting hundreds of links to your website for $30, $50 or $100 a month.  STAY AWAY from these offers.  It will hurt your website’s rankings and it is very difficult to recover.  You can do SEO on your own, I recommend checking out MOZ.com (a great online software) to get you started.  However, if you want to trust your SEO to others, make sure they are reputable and know what they are doing.  Hiring a SEO Firm is expensive and if your budget is low, I would stick to doing the SEO on your own to start off with.
  4. Keep Start Up Costs Low
    • Don’t get carried away with building a custom website or hiring tons of employees to help you with your inventory or customer service.  Use Volusion or another monthly eCommerce shopping cart solution for your website.  If you get bigger than Volusion and want to transfer to something more robust and custom you can always do this down the road.  Use oDesk.com to find an overseas personal assistant to help you with your online products and customer service.
  5. Look Bigger Than You Really Are
    • Impression is everything.  Make sure your site is clean and easy to navigate.  Have a professional logo created.  Get a 1800 Number (ringcentral.com is what I recommend).  Use an online chat service (providesupport.com).  Make sure your Facebook page is active and is constantly getting new “likes”.  Overall, you want your customers to think and feel they are ordering from a large secure company.
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