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Create a Home Office Anywhere For Your Home Business

You do not need a spare room to have a home office. Chances are pretty good that if you look around your home, you have a space that could easily be transformed into a work area. Trying to have a home business without a suitable workspace is a nightmare. You need somewhere you can keep important documents, supplies, etc., away from curious fingers and mischievous four-legged friends.



a closet turned into a home office


You do not need a large walk-in closet to create an office; even a shallow one can be put to good use with some shelving. The great thing about a closet is you can close the doors to keep contents safe. If you do have a large closet, you may be surprised at what a chic workstation you can create.



backyard shed turned into an outdoor home office


A shed or small backyard cottage can be transformed with a little paint. Chances are good you will have a window too. You can run an extension cord out there for a space heater or fan and laptop, if there is not already electricity out there. Just make sure it does not leak if you leave anything out on your desk, and do not leave electronics in extreme temperatures.

Under the Stairs


innovative home office idea under the stairs


Do you have a small alcove under the stairs? In many houses, this is either a creepy, dark space or it is nicely finished, but not put to use because no one knows what to do with it. If you there is drywall, pipes, etc., exposed just hang fabric. You can use fabric to create a door too.

Under the Bed


space-saving bed


If you live in a studio apartment you probably have one of those beds that pull down and then fold up out-of-the-way. Space is likely already limited, especially if you had to add a crib and changing station recently. Why not turn the underside of the bed into an office with shelves? When the bed is up, your office is available. You can actually buy a space-saving bed like this too.



windowsill home office ideas


Have a wide windowsill installed at your favorite window. Then you just need to pull up a chair, add a little organizer underneath for your supplies and you can breathe in the fresh air while you work.



hallway home office


You know that leftover space at the end of the hallway that just looks like a boring dead-end? Make an office. You can squeeze a small desk there or attach one to the wall and add shelves. There is probably already an electrical outlet somewhere close for anything you need to plug in too.

Room Divider


Closet/divider home office idea


A corner in any room is all you need to give yourself a private area to work. A decorative folding screen, bookshelf, or large piece of furniture can section this area off. You can even hang a curtain kiddie-corner on a suspended rod. For a really budget-friendly option, purchase some clearance fabric and tack it to the ceiling. Just leave a small opening to get in and out.

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