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Changing Impact on Social Media

Before you became a work-at-home mom, you likely used social media simply to connect with family and friends, share baby photos, and vent about your exhausting day. As a busy professional, you now appreciate social media for what is can do for a business. It has essentially made it easier for anyone to have a successful business, or sell products out of their local area, without traveling or investing much money in advertising. Social media has change the way you do business, but you might not realize just how much of an impact it has actually had.

Changing Impact on Social Media

  • Better channels of communication – Email use has declined drastically as social media offers much better communicative channels. This can really save you a lot of time as well. Imagine if you have several people emailing you daily asking the same product question. In the past you would have been forced to email every person back individually. With social media, you can share the question and answer, so everyone receives it, thereby reducing the number of times it gets asked further.

  • Important News Source – Social media has essentially become as effective as your local news channel. You had to actually watch the news to learn about pet food or baby toy products being recalled in the past. These types of topics circulate social media quickly. You will see it in your news feed or read a tweet almost as fast as it is announced.

  • Political Awareness – Social media plays a huge role in political elections and helping the nation stay current on valuable information. Not everyone is available to turn on the television throughout the day, but nearly everyone can read a social media upload on their phone.

  • Marketing – Business owners no longer need to set aside a large amount of money for a marketing budget. Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms is just as effective as spending money on a television commercial, newspaper ad or airtime on the radio.

  • Effortless Interaction – With social medial, you can interact with people around the world anytime you want, and it won’t cost you a cent. This is especially beneficial for ecommerce sites willing to ship products to other countries, or even to the other side of their own country. It is also great for network marketers to gain customers and sales people and freelancers to connect with clients.

  • Viral Potential – Social media has created the potential for anything to go viral, if it is shared by enough people. It does not matter how great you are at SEO, you cannot force something to go viral without the help of social media.

  • Disaster Relief – When disaster strikes, social media has made it easier to provide information to affected individuals. They can easily access information on their phone, and even if they do not have internet on their phone, loved ones they may call or neighbors they talk to might. Plus, it makes it easy to immediately donate to help with a simple text.

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