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28 Aug 2014

Essentials for a Home Office

When you make the decision to work at home it can be very tempting to grab the credit card and buy an abundance of things for your home office, most of which you don’t need. If money
21 Aug 2014

Eating Healthy While Working at Home

Most people have a very strong opinion as to whether it is easier or harder to eat healthy while working at home. Some say it is easier because you have the freedom to prepare fresh meals and
22 Feb 2014

Ways to Be Effective at Content Marketing

If you are like most work-at-home moms you do not have time to deal with a trial-and-error phase, when it comes to content marketing. Your precious time is extremely valuable, so whatever you do, it would be
18 Feb 2014

Vemma’s Chris Powell Bode App

    I just downloaded this app on my phone and I am loving it!  I get texts throughout the day reminding me to eat a healthy breakfast (I always have a Vemma Protein Shake), eat two
15 Feb 2014

Using Pictures or Images to Get More Shares

If you are using social media platforms to promote your business, but you aren’t using images, you are really missing out! Viewers may read your post, if the first few words capture their attention, but it is
20 Oct 2013

Balancing a Sick Kid and a Job

Juggling a home business and children is already tricky, but when a child is sick, it becomes even more challenging. You might be thinking that since you do not have to physically go to work, it should
7 Aug 2013

Adjust to Being a Stay-at-home Mom with These Tips

Some people assume that it is easy to be a stay-at-home mom. You have probably quickly learned that it is definitely a challenge. Not only is parenting as exhausting as it is rewarding, it can be difficult
1 Aug 2013

Stay-at-home Mom Success Tips

No one can prepare you for how chaotic being a stay-at-home mom can be, especially if it is your first child. You can read numerous parenting books and think you are ready, but you really cannot appreciate