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Build a Business from a Hobby, and Love What You Do

Have you ever secretly growled at someone talking about how lucky they are to have a job that allows them to do something they truly love? How is this even fair? Athletes, actors, ,musicians, etc., pretty much have it made, don’t they? Well, the good news is that you can too! If you have a hobby, or at least something you love doing that you never seem to have time for, why not make a career out of it? Before you assume that the idea is just too farfetched to even bother trying you should know that other moms just like you are starting their own business from home every single day. What makes them so different than you?


build a business from a hobby and love what you do


Determine Your Passion

Maybe you are saying you do not have a hobby. Well, what do you love to do that you could see yourself doing every single day and never getting bored of it? Maybe you are a great baker or you make the most amazing bath salts, soaps, and candles. Perhaps your scrapbooks are so fabulous that people already ask you to make them for their kids or for gifts. It does not matter if you love to write, take photographs, make jewelry, or anything else, these are all activities and talents that can be turned into a successful business.

Do Your Research

Not every hobby will take off as a profitable business adventure in every area. However thanks to the internet, it does make it a little easier to pursue your dreams. For example, maybe you live in a small town or village, but you want to make jewelry. Chances are good that you will eventually run out of people to sell to. If you do a little research though, you may find there are large flea markets or craft shows nearby you could sell at on the weekends. Alternately, you may decide to sell on Etsy or create your own online store for your products. This may all seem intimidating, but if you take it one step at a time, you will find that achieving your dreams is easier than you think.

Get Legal Smart

Legalities are never exciting to learn about, but it is important that you know if you need any special permits, business insurance, etc. You will want to learn about charging sales tax and using a small business accounting system. Your local library will have a lot of valuable resources to use, or you can always hire someone to handle the legal stuff for you. This is always money well spent.

Do Not Invest More than You Can Afford

Some small businesses will take very little startup capital while others will take a lot. You do not want to get buried in debt before you are even started. This will make you feel pressured. Remember this is supposed to be fun. So, if you have a job now, you may need to keep working until your business takes off. This may also mean that you have to be a little more strategic with your scheduling. You might feel as though you are getting pulled in a million different directions, but the extra hours will be worth it when you officially become your own boss and you never have to miss out on another special moment in your child’s life because you were stuck at work.

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