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Become a Better Mom by Documenting Business Procedures

Chances are pretty good that you are reading that title and scratching your head. How on earth could taking the time to document business procedures make you a better mom? Not to mention, what is to say that you are not already the world’s greatest mom? Well, maybe “better” is not the right world. Perhaps a “mom with more time” would be more appropriate. Again, you are probably wondering how you will have more time for your kids when you are spending time documenting procedures, right?


documenting business procedure

Evaluate Wasted Time

When you have to account for time throughout the day, you begin to see where you waste precious minutes you do not have time to spare. For example, if you tweet all day long but realize none of your quality traffic is coming from Twitter, you can direct that time elsewhere. You may find that you spend 20 minutes just getting going in the morning because you left things a mess the day before. If you spend a couple minutes putting everything away you will not start your day in a clutter, so your mind won’t need time to focus.

Discover Where You Need Help

If a bulk of your time is spent on social media, maybe you need to consider using social medial management dashboard, so you can manage multiple social networks, schedule tweets, and postings, etc. Hoot Suite is a great one used by Virgin Mobile, World Wildlife Foundation, and CBS Interactive. This could free up a lot of your time. Also, if you are trying to balance a check book and keep up on financials without using software, you are likely wasting a lot of time there. Accounting software can be scary, but you will find it is incredibly easy to use, if you take a little time and get used to it.

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

How many tasks are you doing more than once throughout the day? Eliminate repetitive tasks and you may free up enough time to run through the sprinkler outside or make healthy smoothies for everyone. Also, if there are a lot of tasks that require you to search your memory to figure out how to do them, then write instructions down. It will save you time if you can follow directions without thinking about it. It does not hurt to have all your user names and login information in one place, so you do not have to go through the process of creating a new password every time you can’t remember one.

Outsource Potential

When you have your daily operations documented, it makes it easy to hire someone. This does not necessarily mean full time. Maybe you want to take a family vacation, but you are worried about leaving your business. A fill-in could easily take over, if she can get familiar with your daily routine. You may even want to hire a freelancer to take care of the tasks you typically perform in the first couple hours of your work day. This will give you time to spend with the kids while school is out all summer.

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