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Balancing a Sick Kid and a Job

Juggling a home business and children is already tricky, but when a child is sick, it becomes even more challenging. You might be thinking that since you do not have to physically go to work, it should be a breeze, but it’s not. You may not have to sit in rush hour traffic and punch a time clock, but you do have an obligation to keep your business running smoothly. Unfortunately if your child is crying, has a fever, or needs to go to the doctor, taking care of your business responsibilities is not an easy thing to do.


a working mom with a sick kid


Schedule Your Day Thoughtfully

If you have a long list of things that need to be done, do not just randomly pick tasks to complete here-and-there. Create a quick list of tasks, and order them so the most important and time-sensitive things are done first. Follow this with difficult or time-consuming responsibilities. If you can get the more pressing things taken care of early you will not stress about everything you should be doing all day. Plus, if you leave the hard stuff for later it might not get done because when you finally get a few spare minutes you will already be exhausted from the events of the day.

Do Not Procrastinate

If you are consistently on top of your responsibilities, or even ahead on your to-do lists it will be easier for you to pencil in a sick day when you need it. If you constantly find yourself putting things off because you will have more time tomorrow or next week, you will be so far behind that when a small molehill surfaces, it will feel more like a giant mountain you just can’t seem to get over. Stay caught up, and you won’t feel bad about just taking a day off to cuddle and watch cartoons all day.

Take Advantage of Family

Finding a babysitter for a sick child is not always easy, but family tends to chip-in when these situations arise, even if you expect them not to help. Can your mom come over and sit with your child even for a few hours so you can lock yourself in the office and handle the most pressing matters on your list? Do not be afraid to ask family for help. They will probably be honored that you trust them enough to care for your bundle of joy when he’s not feeling good.

Hire a Freelancer

It is a good idea to hire a freelancer from the beginning, even if it is only for a couple hours a week. This allows them to be comfortable with the business operations. If you have someone who already handles your accounting work or follow-up calls once a week then you can call or email and see if they can pick up a few extra hours. They understand the basics of your business operations already, so giving them a list of tasks won’t seem like such a crazy idea. Obviously, hiring someone for the first time the day your child is sick will never work; you can take care of tasks faster than it will take to explain each detail.

Make the Most of Nap Time

You do not need to hover over your child while he naps. This is your chance to power work. If you feel the need, move your laptop into your child’s room and create a little work station, so you are nearby. Have everything you need for the day laid out and ready, so when you do have a few minutes you are not wasting time looking for odds and ends, or trying to remember what to do next.

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