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Awesome Overview of Social Media Management Tools

You probably already know that social media offers the most effective marketing method to generate leads, traffic, and sales. It is essential to have a strong presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and it doesn’t hurt to add a few more in there, too. However, you do not want to spend every waking minute devoted to your social media marketing campaign either. Below is an overview of some helpful management tools you may want to consider using.


  • Hootsuite – More than 9 million professionals rely on Hootsuite, which should tell you how effective it is. Engagement, analytics, listening, security, and collaboration all play equal roles with this tool. Hootsuite offers an extensive app directory to increase productivity, improve workflow, and simplify your life.


  • SocialOomph – This tool offers both paid and free productivity enhancements. It is known for its abundance of helpful Twitter features, such as viewing retweets and mentions, tracking keywords, scheduling tweets, and DM inbox cleanup. It will even automatically follow a new follower, so you do not have to try to keep up with it.


  • Buffer – This tool can be thought of as a virtual queue. You simply fill it with content and schedule when the posts get released throughout the day. Buffer also offers a nice analytics feature for your posts.


  • Tweet Deck – The powerful filters provided by Tweet Deck allow it to stand out from other Twitter management tools. It makes it easy to schedule tweets and also keep up with your never-ending notification list.


  • Social Flow – The Washington Post, Mashable, and National Geographic are just some of the major publishers that rely on Social Flow. Its standout feature is its ability to determine where marketing should be invested by analyzing social signals. So, if you are not sure whether to pay for promotional posts, promoted tweets, or sponsored stores, this may be the tool you are looking for.


  • Crowd Booster – Major companies that use Crowd Booster include the Los Angeles Times, Ben & Jerry’s, and JetBlue. It provides analytics and suggestions without a lot of frills or distractions. CrowdBooster recommends timing for engagements and offers content scheduling advice for optimizing delivery.


  • SocialBro – This valuable tool helps you engage with your audience on Twitter and teaches you how to target your tweets better, so they are more effective. It also analyzes your competition to tell you what time you should schedule tweets.

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