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5 Ways to Create a Valuable Freebie to Give Away for List Building

List building is one of the quickest and most effective ways to increase long-term traffic and profit. That being said, building an email list is a lot more challenging than most expect. A freebie can be a pretty good incentive for a browser to subscribe, but the freebie must have some value. Many are quick to throw an eBook out there, but unless it is brand new with very current information it may be of no interest to your browsers. Keep in mind there is a good chance the people visiting your site or blog have already read eBooks and available online content. So, what should you be giving away as an incentive?




5 Effective Freebies


  1. Video – There are few people who can resist the urge to watch a video about a topic they are interested in. Unlike reading online content, there is zero effort involved to watch a video, other than clicking the “play” icon, of course. Making your first video can be a little intimidating. Actually, making the video isn’t the hard part. Getting used to talking to a camera is. Do a few practice videos first. Starting your own YouTube channel isn’t a bad idea. The great thing about video is it can be easily shared, which means more exposure for you.


  1. Podcast – Thanks to the fact that podcasts are portable, they have become quite popular. Not everyone enjoys listening to blaring music during their commute to work or morning run. Many listen to audio books, and yes, podcasts! Offering a podcast lets you connect with this audience in a way they will really appreciate.


  1. E-Course – This may take a little effort and time on your part, but the response you will receive for an e-course will likely surprise you. You don’t need anything elaborate. A mini course that is thorough, educational, and easy to follow is perfect. If the first one you do is successful, you may find a demand for a second one that you can charge for.


  1. Webinar – A content-based webinar is generally very effective in gaining new subscribers. Similar to a video, a webinar gives you the opportunity to introduce you, your business, and product or service. In addition to getting them to opt-in, it is an easy way to presell.


  1. eBook – Okay, eBooks were mentioned earlier to avoid, but that only goes for old eBooks that have been passed around the internet over-and-over. Writing an original one can be very valuable, and like videos, eBooks are easy to share for increased exposure.

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