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5 Mistakes that Are Easy to Make with Email Subject Lines

You probably put a lot of care into the emails you create for customers. This same amount of thought should go into the subject line. In all fairness, the subject line is even more important than the content because it will determine whether a person actually opens it, or not. If you do not create a subject line that will grab their attention, then your efforts exhausted on the actual email are wasted.

 why emails dont get opened

  1. Spammy Words – You may think you are doing the right thing by using hot words, such as free, opportunity, success, buy, deal, guaranteed, winner, cash, make money, etc. However, all you are doing is relaying the message that your email is spam, just like the other countless emails they receive with the exact same subject line.


  1. Misleading – You cannot create a subject line that has absolutely nothing to do with the content. All this will do is make you look dishonest and annoy the reader. It may even cause you to end up unsubscribed. Never lie to your recipients. It is highly unlikely you will get a second chance to earn back their trust. Be honest and clear.


  1. Careless Mistakes – If you cannot proofread your subject line why should people take the time to read what’s inside. It looks like you just don’t care, so they shouldn’t either. Grammatical and spelling mistakes in the subject line can have a negative impact. In addition to your emails getting ignored, your business may become the joke of the day around the water cooler, in the gym, at the bar, etc. This is not the word of mouth marketing you want.


  1. Capital Letters – Using all capital letters is a huge pet peeve of a lot of people. Many people consider the use of all capitals equivalent to yelling. Do you really want people to feel as though you are yelling at them? Plus, the use of all capitals will often trigger spam filters. This means that your email may not even get through in the first place.


  1. Not Paying Attention to Length – The size of the subject line definitely matters. One word is unclear and spammy, but a line that is too long will not display property. This may leave out the most important part of the message you were trying to convey. Keep it between 5 and 10 words.

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