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3 of the Most Important Trends in Digital Marketing

As a work-at-home-mom with a busy schedule you do not have time to devote to lengthy trial-and-error phases. You need to know exactly what works and what trends you should be jumping on to make the most of every work day. Digital marketing is a hot trend in marketing, and definitely regarded at one of the most effective types of marketing used today. Digital communications are fast and streamlined and can deliver a message in real-time. Below are three of the most important digital marketing trends for 2014 that you should become familiar with and apply to your home business.


digital marketing trends


Shift Your Attention to Smartphones


Offering mobile accessibility is no longer just an option. No matter how fantastic your product or service is, if your site is not mobile-friendly you are going to get left behind. It is suggested that time spent daily on a tablet or smartphone by an adult in the United States exceeds time spent on the computer now. A mobile-friendly site increases your chance of making a sale by 67 percent, according to eMarket. This is a significant difference. How much more profitable would your business be, if you close 67 percent more sales every day? If you are not comfortable making sure your site is mobile-friendly then hire someone who is qualified to do so. It must load quickly and be very easy navigate on a small device.


Content Marketing


You can’t have a successful digital marketing campaign without quality content. Don’t confuse content writing with ad copy or copywriting though; it is very different. Content writing creates very informative content that can easily be shared to social sites. It focuses on a product or service and directs people where they can make the purchase, when it is shared to social media. Quality content writing needs to also consider search engine optimization and social media optimization. When it comes to digital marketing, content marketing is signfiicantly more important than basic advertising tactics.


Assimilation and Differentiation


These are extremely important trends in the world of digital marketing right now. Keep in mind that the Internet is not the only player, when it comes to digital marketing. There are still other electronic media avenues to consider, such as radio and television. When you determine who your large audience is it is important to use all these sources to assimilate figures. To be truly successful at digital marketing you need to distribute content across all platforms, but adopt a unique marketing strategy for each one.

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